Market Trends

Housing Expenses See Two-Year Low Amid Inflation Downturn

April Housing Costs Fuel Core Inflation Despite Signs of Moderation Housing expenses remained high in April, primarily driving up core inflation. The shelter component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), comprising mainly rent and homeowners’ equivalent rent (OER), saw a 0.4% increase, consistent with March. Over the past year, shelter costs rose by 5.5%, the

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california wildfires

The Impact of California Wildfires on Real Estate Markets

California properties located near wildfire-prone areas have experienced much slower appreciation compared to other regions. The state is currently facing a significant home insurance crisis, with numerous companies either withdrawing from the market or reducing coverage in areas susceptible to wildfires. In May 2023, major insurers State Farm and Allstate announced they would no longer

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February Saw an Uptick in Home Price Growth Throughout the United States

Home Price Growth Gained Momentum in February Across the U.S.

The journey to stabilize the U.S. housing market faces hurdles, with a modest recovery in home sales and inventories countered by high mortgage rates impacting affordability. Despite increased listings, pending home sales only rose slightly, around 5% to 7% higher than last year through March 2024. Examining broader housing indicators reveals consistent trends, indicating the

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Programs for First-Time Homebuyers in California Provide Grants of Up to $150k

California Will Give Homebuyers $150,000 to Buy Houses

Time’s ticking for Californians aiming to buy their first home with a little financial boost this year. The California Dream for All program, a hit since its launch last year, is set for a comeback on April 3. It offers first-time buyers a chance to shave up to 20% off their down payment costs, with

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real estate scams

How to Avoid Real Estate Scams in California: 6 Tips for Safe Investments

In California’s buzzing real estate market, staying alert is key because, alongside genuine deals, there are scams waiting to trap unwary buyers and renters. With its attractive property market, California draws in not just people looking to buy or rent but also scammers aiming to take advantage. It’s crucial to be aware and cautious, as

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My Guide to Investing in Vacation Properties in California 2024

Are you considering getting into the California vacation property market? Well, you’re looking at one of the most lively real estate sectors in the US. With its sunny beaches, sprawling vineyards, and snow-capped mountains, California is a dream destination for millions of tourists, but it’s also a gold mine for potential investors. In this article,

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The Couple Bought a House in California

How to Buy a House in California: All You Should Know

Ah, California! Land of sunshine, stunning coastlines, and dreams. But when it comes to buying a house here, things can get pretty real, pretty fast. This is one of the most significant investment decisions you’re likely going to make during your lifetime, so you need to prepare well. If you don’t do due diligence, you

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A Woman Is Thinking About Steering in Real Estate

What is Steering in Real Estate? How to Avoid It?

Steering is a common term and an unethical practice used in real estate. This means when a person, often a real estate agent or someone working in that field, tries to convince you to buy something so it benefits them. This could be steering you towards one property over another, or even away from a

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