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hackers targeting small businesses

How Hackers Are Targeting Small Businesses: Big Target

We often hear about cyber attacks on large companies, but small businesses are also at risk. According to recent government data, 38% of small businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack last year, with an average cost of over £8,000 per attack. Small businesses can be easier targets than larger corporations for several reasons. Key

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real estate crowdfunding

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding involves raising money online for real estate purchases from a large group of investors. Individuals and businesses use internet platforms and social media to access capital from many potential investors. The concept is that many people can invest small amounts, quickly raising large sums of money. Let’s get to the point. Pros

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escrow process

What to Expect During the Escrow Process? Sellers Requirements

Escrow is a key step when buying a home, serving to protect both buyers and sellers. It ensures that the transaction is secure and goes smoothly up to the closing. Both parties should engage with their escrow officer and be ready to handle any problems that might come up. Proper preparation can make the escrow

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Homebuyers to prevent commission settlements

Homebuyers Seek to Stop Approval of Commission Settlements

The first round of settlements in the buyer agent commission lawsuits faced unexpected complications just one day before they were expected to be finalized. In Illinois, the Batton case plaintiffs have sought a temporary restraining order and injunction against the preliminary settlements involving Anywhere, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams. These settlements are scheduled to be finalized

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John Sebree Steps Down on His Function

CEO of California Association of Realtors Steps Down on His Function

John Sebree has stepped down as CEO of the California Association of Realtors (CAR), the organization announced on Saturday. Sebree is leaving to explore new professional opportunities. Melanie Barker, CAR’s president, expressed gratitude for Sebree’s tenure as CEO and State Secretary. “On behalf of CAR’s leadership team and the Board of Directors, I would like

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loan for house

The Process of Foreclosure in California: Bill of Rights

In California, if you miss your home loan payments, the servicer, acting for the loan owner, will start the foreclosure process. This usually happens outside of court (nonjudicial), but sometimes it can go through the court system (judicial). The state’s laws outline the foreclosure process, and both federal and state regulations offer you certain rights

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How Do Home Inspections Look Like

Home Inspections – How Long Do They Take and How to Prepare?

A thorough examination of a home’s condition plays a crucial role in the buying or selling process. Home inspections, often detailed and systematic, require a specific amount of time based on the property’s size. Inspecting an average house thoroughly typically requires between two to three hours. However, this duration may change based on the home’s

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House Under Contract vs Pending

House Under Contract vs Pending: What’s the Difference?

Real estate jargon can be a headache. Buyers and sellers face a mountain of terms. It’s tough to get the hang of it, especially when you’re in a rush to sell your home. It’s time to clear up a couple of these terms. Buyers often ask us about “under contract” and “pending.” These words pop

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