January 29, 2024

House Under Contract vs Pending

House Under Contract vs Pending: What’s the Difference?

Real estate jargon can be a headache. Buyers and sellers face a mountain of terms. It’s tough to get the hang of it, especially when you’re in a rush to sell your home. It’s time to clear up a couple of these terms. Buyers often ask us about “under contract” and “pending.” These words pop

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The Couple Bought a House in California

How to Buy a House in California: All You Should Know

Ah, California! Land of sunshine, stunning coastlines, and dreams. But when it comes to buying a house here, things can get pretty real, pretty fast. This is one of the most significant investment decisions you’re likely going to make during your lifetime, so you need to prepare well. If you don’t do due diligence, you

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A Woman Is Thinking About Steering in Real Estate

What is Steering in Real Estate? How to Avoid It?

Steering is a common term and an unethical practice used in real estate. This means when a person, often a real estate agent or someone working in that field, tries to convince you to buy something so it benefits them. This could be steering you towards one property over another, or even away from a

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