May 15, 2024

california wildfires

The Impact of California Wildfires on Real Estate Markets

California properties located near wildfire-prone areas have experienced much slower appreciation compared to other regions. The state is currently facing a significant home insurance crisis, with numerous companies either withdrawing from the market or reducing coverage in areas susceptible to wildfires. In May 2023, major insurers State Farm and Allstate announced they would no longer

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home renovation

Top 8 Home Renovation Projects That Increase Property Value In 2024

If you’re planning to sell your home, these are the renovations you should prioritize. They’re also useful if you want to boost your home’s value for other reasons, such as increasing your home equity for future loans or simply improving your living experience. 1. Manufactured Stone Veneer Replacing vinyl siding with stone veneer, even on

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hackers targeting small businesses

How Hackers Are Targeting Small Businesses: Big Target

We often hear about cyber attacks on large companies, but small businesses are also at risk. According to recent government data, 38% of small businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack last year, with an average cost of over £8,000 per attack. Small businesses can be easier targets than larger corporations for several reasons. Key

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